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Pick up in store

We have a lot of cutsomer who are local to us and also ones who are far. We love giving the option to our local customers to be able to save on shipping and pick up in store, but we seem to have customers from all over our state who choose to pick up in store. We end up losing money on shipping for the customers who aren't local and are choosing "Pick up in store." There should be an option for us to be able to put zip codes, cities or something so the customers who aren't local won't be abe to choose that option. smiling

By Meryl on 05 January 2015 Implemented!


Soleiman Bolour says:

Meryl, I give the same option to my customers as well. It is a great idea to add zip codes or at least city names.
By Soleiman Bolour on 05 January 2015

Kevin says:

Having Zip codes would be amazing
By Kevin on 06 January 2015

Kristine Hamaty says:

When we have someone choose "Pick Up in Store" and live too far away to come to our location, we make them pay shipping charges. Any large retailer wouldn't ship to you for free because you chose a free pick up.
By Kristine Hamaty on 13 January 2015

Greg Kwiecien says:

We do the same. They get email that the product is ready for pick up and then they ask if we can ship it and we tell them the cost. They give us CC# over the phone, they never question or complaned
By Greg Kwiecien on 04 February 2015

andrew says:

Yeah, currently it can only be narrowed down by state. Being in Texas, this is particularly way too broad. Zip codes would be cool, or actual distance from our location (in Miles or KM for you metric users).
By andrew on 01 June 2015

Adam Pentland says:

This idea is interesting but has some existing workarounds and implications: 1/ Business Hub allows you to re-select a shipping method for an order (from pickup in store to an actual shipping method) which will recalculate the price to the customer, then send a payment request, which the customer can fill out online. Once paid for it can be shipped. Shipping products which have not paid for shipping is clearly bad business, and the system lets you fix this situation. 2/ Sometimes out of state customers or people just passing through your area may legitimately wish to purchase goods and pick them up on their way by, or perhaps they are purchasing goods which are to be picked up by someone else who is local to your fulfillment center. We don't want the system to prevent this sort of purchasing and shipping arrangement.
By Adam Pentland on 21 June 2017

Cristofer Cruz says:

You can create a custom shipping method for pickup and shipping methods now have zip code filtering for availability
By Cristofer Cruz on 19 May 2020