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Sorting Products & Categories

I would simply love it if there were a quicker way to sort products into categories. Rather that having to configure a product and saving any changes, which takes a while when loading, it would be awesome if we could drag and drop products into category folders, much the same way we can reorganize the categories themselves.

Or a "move to category" drop down option included in the bulk option area similar to most email browsers which would make the sorting process much simpler. Thank you!

By Power Grafx, Inc. on 03 February 2015 Implemented!


Tommy says:

We definitely need an easier way to categorize. I've been wanting this for years. Now with Smart Select, we are faced with re-categorizing a slew of products, since the defaults are not always great. I am going to raise another Idea which more specifically addresses this issue, including Bulk Action as a method,
By Tommy on 03 March 2015

Tommy says:

Smart Select was a HUGE improvement to product management, making management of pricing, decoration areas & rules, and color availability more or less automatic. HOWEVER, categories remain a burden. The defaults from Smart Select are usually insuffiecient or plain wrong. My Suggestion: Use the Bulk Action feature to Set Categories or De-Select Categories Examples (Select): 1. Search for any product with the string 'long', then select all the long sleeves and assign to the Long Sleeve category 2. Search for any product with the string 'performance', then select the ones you like and assign to the Perfomance Wear category Examples (De-Select, or change categories): 1. Select an unwanted category (like a duplicate) ie: Sports, then select items and re-assign to a Sports Jerseys 2. Search for Polo Category, then search for string 'performance', selelect items and add to subcategory Performance Wear - - >PolosSo please give this a vote - all our lives will be bit easier.
By Tommy on 10 March 2015

Matt Farris says:

I'm a new user and I'm struggling with product categories as well. We've limited our blank product selection to just a couple vendors and a few brands, but I still have a few hundred products to categorize. Opening each product, checking categories, and then saving is painfully tedious and time consuming.
By Matt Farris on 15 January 2016

Greg Pentland says:

Looking at adding bulk category assignment for 7.0.02
By Greg Pentland on 07 February 2016