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Markup/Commission % at product level

We would like to see Deco add the ability to set the Markup/Commissions percentage at the product level -- and if feasible, even at the qty break level for each product. This would allow us to offer our re-sellers more aggressive commissions on some products/qtys than on others while keeping our retail price at strategic/competitive price points (i.e. the only way to control commission at the product level at present is to increase/decrease the product's price point). This capability is core to the pricing model for the promotional products industry so it seems like an obvious fit for Deco Network users as well.

By Mark Holland on 14 February 2015 Discussion Required


Andrew Smith says:

I had been thinking of adding an ideas request for this myself. As DecoNetwork has exposed the cost price, I think it is a must to be able to add the ability to enter a percentage to product price / price breaks, but still display the currency value in the fulfilment and store web pages. This would enable the use of cost plus, we would be able to maintain margins regardless of any cost price increase as the new sell price / price breaks would be calculated automatically. Instead of having to update all prices, we would only have to update the cost prices that have changed.
By Andrew Smith on 14 February 2015

Adam Pentland says:

So, to be clear, we are talking about being able to set markup (which in turn affects the commission) including the ability to set as a % or fixed markup at the product level?
By Adam Pentland on 22 June 2017