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You Need This - Improved Product Category Management (Here's How) - Vote!

Deco Users - Are You Not Tired of the Product Category Mess?

Smart Select was a HUGE improvement to product management, making management of pricing, decoration areas & rules, and color availability more or less automatic.HOWEVER, categories remain a burden. The defaults from Smart Select are usually insuffiecient or plain wrong.

My Suggestion:

Use the Bulk Action feature to Set Categories or De-Select Categories

Examples (Select):

1. Search for any product with the string 'long', then select all the long sleeves and assign to the Long Sleeve category

2. Search for any product with the string 'performance', then select the ones you like  and assign to the Perfomance Wear category

Examples (De-Select, or change categories):

1. Select an unwanted category (like a duplicate) ie: Sports, then select items and re-assign to a Sports Jerseys

2. Search for Polo Category, then search for string 'performance', selelect items and add to subcategory Performance Wear - - >Polos

So please give this a vote - all our lives will be bit  easier.


By Tommy on 04 March 2015 Implemented!


Andrew Smith says:

Hi, this idea expands on an existing idea http://www.deconetwork.com/support/ideas/general/200-sorting-products-categories.
By Andrew Smith on 09 March 2015

Tommy says:

You are absolutely correct Andrew, I commented on that post. I'm going to cut an paste my expanded idea. HOPEFULLY we'll all win if this gets traction.
By Tommy on 10 March 2015

Andrew Smith says:

Hi Tommy, I have already voted for both. I agree, I think this is a must have, as everyone accumulates more products, we need as many tools as possible to reduce the admin needed to maintain them.
By Andrew Smith on 11 March 2015

Tommy says:

yep, its crazy how much time spent on product management - necessary, but we could do so much more to increase sales with some better tools (like this)
By Tommy on 18 March 2015

Tommy says:

Comon 20 votes - let's get this thing fixed. Inventory management is horrible as is.
By Tommy on 31 July 2015

Greg Pentland says:

Included in version 7.1.02 :)
By Greg Pentland on 15 February 2016