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Multiple sizes when min requirement is set

Our Minimum order is 36 for screen printing and at times our clients want to order 250 but with multiple sizes... it would be great to allow customers to pick multiple sizes when pciking an item with a min order requirement set to it. Maybe set an option to allow this or to deny it like it is cureently set at but i can see how this copuld help with screen print orders. 

By SDPH on 27 April 2015 Implemented!


cindy says:

I dont understand what you mean, I'm a screen printer with minimum qty's set in Deco and it works with multiple sizes?
By cindy on 29 April 2015

Martin says:

I have a similar issue: we require 9 garments as a minimum for embroidery, but they can be any 9 garments, not 9 of the same (i.e. 9 x fleeces). Setting a minimum only works against the individual garment, not against the basket
By Martin on 30 April 2015

cindy says:

Oh I see, ya that is definitely a problem that I had not noticed. This is also a problem with bulk discounts it only counts the quantity of one item/color not the total cart. Thanks!
By cindy on 20 May 2015