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Increase Sales with easy 'Shopify' Fulfilment Integration

Ability for a Fullfullment Centre to create a 'Shopify App' for their store that integrate's with Deconetwork

So we can offer services such as these;


By Jared Fullinfaw on 28 October 2015 Submitted


SDPH says:

I would love to see deco add a feature like this! Shopify is a popular platform but I say link in with as many as possible: Squarespace, WooCommerce, Storeenvy, Magento, Big Commerce, OpenCart, etc.. The affiliate network is nice but these platforms have a larger reach for our clients and to be able to tap into this as a printer would be amazing!
By SDPH on 28 October 2015

Chiedozie Osondu says:

I definitely agree with the shopify integration!
By Chiedozie Osondu on 31 October 2015

Sara says:

almost 2-3 years later... not holding my breath.
By Sara on 03 March 2018

Stephen Edwards says:

4 years later.... still holding breath
By Stephen Edwards on 17 May 2019

LEAN INK says:

We really need this, I have customers that come from Printfull because of quality but end up going back because print ul links to shopify and it makes it easier for them.
By LEAN INK on 06 June 2019

Eser T says:

any update on this feature at all? it has been 4 years and still nothing, DN should make updates like this instead of bunch of joke updates, i am pretty sure anyone would pay extra for a feature like this
By Eser T on 06 October 2019

Greg Heckler says:

Agreed. We are at a tipping point here with multiple stores trying to balance inventory and orders. Without having to completely migrate to something from Amazon we'd like to keep it simple and have Deco tie into our other online stores. We're loosing out on current hard $$$ and the pure potential of new business. Not knowing or hearing what release or timeframe is frustrating at best as well. Even saying that com the May release we'll see some version would help.
By Greg Heckler on 20 February 2020