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Better Coupons...

We should be able to define if/then statements for promotions for order criteria (ie IF a customer orders this specific shirt + this specific jacket THEN this will happen. This could be useful for 'grouped product' promotions and all sorts of other clever stuff.)

We should be able to limit coupons to a specific color of a specific item if we want. Go nuts with specificity here.

There should be custom messages to the customer when a coupon is applied/when it fails to apply about criteria for that offer being met/not being met. These should be store-owner defined on a per coupon/promo basis.

There should be a way to auto-apply a coupon/promotion based a specific URL or query string (ie customer clicks on 20% off _______ PPC/Email/Social ad, and that pricing discount is automatically applied to their session for that item (or whatever items are included in the promotion) while keeping the regular list pricing the same for other visitors)

By Adam on 27 August 2014 Submitted


Steve Wald says:

There should be additional options with regard to when a coupon can be used... Limiting the number of items it applies to, for instance, or restricting the number of uses by an individual customer without reducing the amount of times the coupon can be used globally.
By Steve Wald on 07 May 2015

Kimberly says:

I'd like the ability to have a coupon/promotion where 5% off order if spend $X, 10% off order if you spend $Y and 15% off order if you spend $Z. Auto applied, no need for coupon...at checkout, Deco automatically applies discount based on order total.
By Kimberly on 16 July 2019