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Custom Production Blackouts

Love being about to disallow weekends as production days, would also love the ability to define OTHER non production days (holidays, shop maintenance days)

By Adam on 01 September 2014 Implemented!


Carl Schenkenberger says:

This is so important. Our production dates mean nothing right now because we're on a 5 day work week, but weekends are counted as production days. A 2 day swing in a 3-4 day production schedule is huge.
By Carl Schenkenberger on 03 September 2014

Adam says:

Actually, we now have the ability (and are) not counting weekends in those production estimates. This was added with v7- we just need the ability to ALSO add other days that 'don't count'
By Adam on 03 September 2014

Greg Pentland says:

Hi Guys, Letting you know this has been accepted an in 7.05 you will be able to add date ranges for production blackouts.
By Greg Pentland on 25 September 2014

Brenden Prazner says:

Idea accepted!
By Brenden Prazner on 01 October 2014

Camille Prestwidge says:

This function is now working so well! Thanks for implementing!
By Camille Prestwidge on 21 October 2014