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We should be able to choose what items can be available for rush fee and others can not

We have items that are in stock that we can do 24 hour on most but we also sell stuff that we can get in our hand in 2 days to 5 days and we should be able to activate rush fees for the products we want and not on the item that we do not want to offer rush

By Eser T on 30 August 2018 Submitted



The availability of Rush Fees should be able to be set at the product, product default, and store levell like any other feature. We do many group/fundraising sites that are set up for a limited time and produced in bulk with an order deadline and one delivery date. Rush Order Fees are not allowed for these sites and there is not way to take them down without removing the Rush Fees for every website.
By NICOLE DORR on 11 September 2018

Shop Admin says:

First thing: I totally agree with you, hence I left a "vote". :-) But until this gets implemented, it may be an option to use custom field instead. Just add a custom field for those product you have on stock and add you addition rush order fee at this stage. Of course this will only work out if all SKU for the particular product are stocked but it may be worth a try.
By Shop Admin on 20 September 2018

Eser T says:

Dennis Do you have a sample for that? . we do use custom fields but it will not change the ship out date as we need to charge extra fee
By Eser T on 21 February 2019