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Quick Edit Decorated Product Variables

It would be nice if it was possible to have several designs/decorated products update all at once for a new affiliate. Fulfillment centers can currently create website templates, but the variables within the template then must be edited.  For example, schools make great affiliates, but putting together school spirit designs is a tedious processes. Within our school website template we have around 40 different designs for school spirit, sports teams, and other groups for the school. It would be nice if the designs would automatically update with the school's name, mascot, and other variable information through a "Mass Decorated Product Wizard" that would allow all of the designs to be updated based on their variables, instead of having to go into each design and manually change all of the variables. 


By ZACH DEWHURST on 22 September 2014 Submitted


Sara says:

I like this idea!
By Sara on 22 September 2014