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Allow Multiple Designs on Pre-Decorated Products

When creating a pre-decorated product within an affiliate store that has three shirt colors, but each color of shirt has a slight design variation because of the shirt color. Instead of having to create three different products, when the customer clicks on a different shirt color the design associated to the shirt color will show up.

By Brad Dassow on 05 June 2015 Submitted


Richard White says:

Being able to associate your design with Dark or light would be a step forward. Currently all products appear to know if they are Dark or light so if the embroidery Colorway just needs associate that it is for Light or Dark garments. I guess this could apply to print designs too. I just put a generic image of each logo colorway in the product description, but it is a bit naff.
By Richard White on 02 July 2017

Shane Maher says:

YES!!! all i need to do is assign the "white" logo on a black shirt and the "black" logo to the light shirts. It would look much better to the customer, and be less cumbersome.
By Shane Maher on 07 October 2019