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Wholesale Pricing - Affiliate Store Owner

Hey, we really want it to be possible for the account that owns an affiliate store to buy their own products at their wholesale price. We work with a growing number of brick and mortar businessees that want t-shirts. Many want the ability to order some shirts wholesale. Right now, they have to order them at full price, and then wait till the end of the month to get their money back. Not a very slick solution. Anyone else? Thanks!

By Matthew Walls on 23 March 2016 Submitted



I would argue that at least half of our affiliates do not use their DecoNetwork site, but for just ordering products that they need / were sold through a different online marketplace. Since our DecoNetwork affiliate websites aren't mobile friendly many of our affiliates use Shopify, Wordpress, or some other type of CMS to sell their / our affiliates product through. Amazon and Etsy are just a few of many online marketplaces that many of our affiliates also sell their / our products through. When we first started using Deco 6 years ago we saw the software as primarily a website solution (there was no Business Hub when we first signed up). Business Hub is arguably the best feature that Deco currently provides and we require that our affiliates use their website to place their orders as everything comes in perfectly organized through Hub. This idea / feature should definitely be implemented as we currently have to set up each affiliate with a retail and wholesale website and it is not idea.
By ZACH DEWHURST on 23 March 2016

Matthew Walls says:

Yeah, it's crazy! Most of our potential customers will only work with us if we have this feature, and are blown away that it is not offered. :(.
By Matthew Walls on 21 April 2016

Eli Slossberg says:

I get asked everyday about being able to order wholesale without having to go through and change prices. I also get asked about coupons and have to tell them no because it affects my wholesale price. This system is slick but also blows for details like this. For a system centered around affiliate stores, it really sucks.
By Eli Slossberg on 30 October 2016