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Coupons that come out of Affiliate commissions

We desperately need to have the ability for affiliates to create their own coupons. This obviously needs to come from the affiliate commissions as they are the ones creating them. The inability to offer this makes the current coupon system useless.

By Matt Edmonds on 01 September 2014 Submitted


Kristine Hamaty says:

YES!!! I can't be responsible for creating every single coupon that affiliates want to use - it wastes my time and money because it comes out of MY income.
By Kristine Hamaty on 02 September 2014

Andrew says:

There has to be more people that use Deconetwork and need this fixed. This needs to be bumped to the top as we are all loosing money and opportunities for our affiliates.
By Andrew on 15 March 2015

Justin Fernandes says:

Coupons that come out of the Producer end just makes no sense! This need to be addressed...
By Justin Fernandes on 09 November 2015

Jeremy Litchfield says:

This is a no brainer! Please get this done.
By Jeremy Litchfield on 13 November 2015

Eli Slossberg says:

I'm shocked this hasn't been addressed yet. Why would we as the fulfillment centers want to take a hit to our wholesale prices just because an affiliate store wants to offer a discount. This needs to be corrected immediately, which obviously isn't going to happen.
By Eli Slossberg on 30 October 2016

Tommy says:

Running into this issue with 2 different DecoPro accounts - need to deduct coupon from commissions
By Tommy on 07 January 2019

Dan Raskas says:

This is a must have feature. We have over 750 affiliate stores and I am losing business because I am telling my affiliates that they can't offer coupon codes (because I don't have the time to create them and I don't want to pay for the discount).
By Dan Raskas on 05 November 2019