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Option to disable rush orders in affiliate stores

When we run most affiliate stores most of the time we collect all the orders and set an end date and print them all at the end. Some customers have been choosing to rush these items and we have no way to disable that function. PLLLLEEEEAAAAASEEEE work on this idea we cannot rush items for just a few pieces when we price it out to all be done at the end. Thanks!

By JON LORTZ on 20 September 2019Affiliate store ideas Submitted

the ability to have custom fields restrict other custom field

so for example a customer can not fill in a text feild unless they have chosen an option that say hey want this and will pay the extra


Ability to Control Pricing on Individual Items within Affiliate Stores

***Let's GET BEHIND THIS ONE FOLKS as the last post three years ago didnt get traction***

Wouldn't it be GREAT to have the ability to control prices on individual wholesale items for Affiliate/Campaign stores as needed where the general % or $ markup/commission rate amounts don't do the trick?


I began using this powerful software and did my price tables to suit my main DTG print-on-demand business as any newbie would do, right? I had previous customers and been providing them products at a certain rate before purchasing this software. These customers then created affiliate stores specific to their market but geared towards "decorated products" more so than offering "design your own products". This created a PROBLEM as I could not just change the "commision rate" along with "mark up rate" to reflect their price as it couldnt get close by factoring in the wholesale price and the DTG tables that I initially created for my business. This resulted in me having to change my base apparel costs, which in turn created problems with my main print-on-demand pricing after making the changes. The general % and/or $ affiliate store/campaign option is a great start to get most products close to the price you want but other product pricing is drastically off and therefore cannot sell.  

Proposed Solution:

Allow the DecoNetwork customer the ability to have more control of their affiliate stores/campaigns by allowing us to begin with a general % or $ commision/markup and then have the ability to overide a specific item that is drastically off by filling in the desired WHOLESALE PRICE we want it to be in that specific affiliate store or campaign. This simple change (with minor code writing : ) ) would drastically improve our HEALTH by having a lot LESS STRESS and allow us full freedom to negotiate pricing with big customers as needed because DecoNetwork will give us the CONFIDENCE to make up any number we want that will get us the deal rather than trying to figure out how we will get the wholesale pricing to match what they want and loose out because the DecoNetwork System DOES NOT allow it. If you make this happen, DecoNetwork can feel even better about themselves knowing they just increased the life expectancy of some stressed out decorator trying to make a buck. 

Thank you all for your time and vote yes!!

By Christopher Linnel on 31 May 2019Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Wildcard SSL

Please installl this feature for White Labelling app. Will be really great for when new affiliates sign up and be directed straight to our own SSL secured sub-domain (i.e instead of

Defeats the purpose of white-labelling when affiliates can see which when people google, deconetwork pops up as the first search result.

By Zhi Ting Chong on 30 May 2019Affiliate store ideas Submitted

another language


For non-English websites it is quite important to be able to create a more flexible Affiliate store

outside the standard language you also want to be able to offer foreign language
Now you can only choose the language that the main website uses and this is not enough

By jan langius on 14 February 2019Affiliate store ideas Submitted

ability to set store availability for custom fields.

ability to set store availability for custom fields.

so, you can use the same product across a number of affiliate stores but giving different options.

for example, we have a hoodie we use across most of our sites some stores want the option for initials on the products as where others want name on the back and initials 

to create this i need to create a copy of the product for each website i make 

this has some down sides for example

we have a long list of the same products when on business hubs making it difficult for my production team find it hard to put on an order to use the right one 

also, this stops us being able to use the inventory features because we use the same product in the same colours and just embroider the correct logos onto them

By Matt Moore on 17 December 2018Affiliate store ideas Submitted

More Control Cloning Sites / Columns / Themes

DecoNetwork's version 8 is simply incredible in many ways, especially when it comes to designing a page on a website, but it would be helpful if we had the ability to clone pages, save a column as a panel, and a website as a theme. 

1. The ability to Clone a page has obvious benefits when it comes to having content consistently laid out the same way across multiple pages. 

2. We can clone a column, but being able to save a column as a panel, would allow an affiliate to copy only a section of content from one page and paste it onto another. 

3. We can currently clone an affiliate site / make it a website template, but it would be nice if we could somehow save a website as a Theme, that other fulfillment centers could use.  If a website could be saved as a theme (DecoNetwork would most likely have to approve of the Theme), it would allow fulfillment centers and their affiliates' websites to look more polished from the start, easier to configure, and many other advantages. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 June 2018Affiliate store ideas Submitted

more control over logo and title area on affiliates stores

at the moment the only way to change the this is via html or css but having more contol over the alignment of the drop downs and logo or even the row of them without have to edit the html would be nice 




Bulk Creation of Decorated Products

We run a website for teams, schools, PTOs, etc. and to make store set up easier for each group (ie so I don't have to do it for them!!), we need the ability to create multiple decorated products that use the same artwork at one time.

Updating all available templates for a store in one place would also be incredibly beneficial.

If there is a way to do this already, I have not figured it out.

By Kristine Hamaty on 18 May 2018Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Convert order or quote to a website

Setting up a website is the same process as setting up an order or quote. It is a more difficult to set up a site but if you could convert all of your work in an invoice to a site, it would make things much smoother.

By Timothy Pipp on 15 March 2018Affiliate store ideas Submitted

New Supplier Company Catalogs for Import

We use a supplier called BSN Sports Supply that provides many of the Under Armour and Nike performance products that our customers ask for. Can they be added to the available catalog import suppliers in order to utilize their products? There are currently no Under Armour providers in the list and very few Nike products. Thank you.

By Logan Johnson on 12 October 2017Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Hide Store Focus

Store owners currently have the option to change their store focus and there should be an option to hide these options or limit them to one or all of the options.  


Commission payments

This point I'm raising to be honest i find hard to understand from a service software industry and the care you have taken on many area's of detail you seem to have forgotten the most important part, THE CUSTOMER ! When building there website or they build there own on your platform they need to have the confidence that all there hard work will be well rewarded and such away where at the end of each week, month they feel a sense of achievement, so when getting there commissions they feel that what they have created either on there own or by us building a site for them there hard work has paid off and now they are reaping the rewards. This could be done in such a simple way by ticking each order placed which will present them with a factual page of information but presented by us to them in a professional manner. This is not the case, the system you have developed is pretty poor , frustrating and from an end user point of view looks and lacks good development, for me this transaction should be there golden ticket every week/month might be extra money, might be everything as a business to them, if you can't pay commission's in this way then you start to fail, mistakes happen and the end user thinks these people don't know what there doing !!
We should be able to create a commissions page which is simple, let them redeem back if they want, let them transfer, do what they want with there commissions, instead we are relying on a system which is flawed, not great at all, even paypal mass pay doesn't work in the uk !!
If you are to expect people like us to better the system then you need to complete the whole package, not the parts at the front but the main part which is look after the customers you have who are generating your sales, i'm, sure you no what i mean when i say this.

Your business model is excellent in how you are tackling problems i will admit and i do think you do listen so i hope when you read this you understand why this area frustrates me as much as it does, we are very driven by customer detail, this really let's down the journey and to be honest it also make's the automated system fail as you need to print things off make sure nothing was accidentally deleted etc etc etc.

CUSTOMERS ARE KING - let's not forget this, please look at this and take the time to get it right, it matters, not a get around fix like we are having to do, i good commission report allowing the customer to do as they wish by transfer, redeem or save is what we should be offering, not a excel sheet full of errors due to easy made mistakes.


Affiliate Page within a webstore

Addition of "affiliate page" option (as part of your main site) as an alternative to the affiliate website.

There's a number of reasons,

1/ I want that traffic through my site, not a small (often single page) site - I want direct links to the rest of my site!

2/ It's then in my interest to promote, SEO, metatag that page & have a link from my store

3/ We've never found an affiliate who ever wanted to do anything with a stand alone site. All they wanted was a link to a page they could use off their own site or a page they could embed within their site

The page would operate as per the stand alone site, commissions would be enabled on sales from the page - I also think it should be if the design is used if the design is enabled for "allow customers to use"!

There would need be an option for over ride bulk discounts required to preserve margins & commissions etc 

By Richard Mattinson on 24 November 2016Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Need true White Label

Currently paid White Label isn't truly white label as cusotmers can still click on the Report Bug link at the bottom right side of their Campaign or Store backend and still be routed to a DecoNetwork Support page. This needs to change. Instead, Campaign and Affiliate store Report a Bug links should be a popup or page where the customer fills out the information about the bug and then this information is sent to the Fulfillment Center (me) and I open a ticket with DecoNetwork to resolve the matter. If it is truly white label, the Campaign or Affiliate stores should not link to anything DecoNetwork. I hope the dev team understands this and make the right decision about the link and a true White Label experience.


Allow Affiliates To Add Their Own Products To Their Store

It would be great if affiliates were able to add their own products for sale within in their store.

For example if a custom motorbike builder wants to have an affiliate store to start selling clothing with his brand printed on the clothing he can easily do this. However if he also decides that he would like to sell motorbike fuel tanks via his affiliate site as well then there is not an easy way for him to just add this product to his store.

If we could allow affiliate store owners to do this whilst charging a set percentage of the sale price for the privilege this would be great.

When we ask companies, schools etc if they would like an affiliate store one of the first comments/questions we seem to get asked is, "these stores seem great, can we also add our own products?"

By Benjamin Dawson on 11 November 2016Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Manage Decorated Products search box

Would be really helpful to have a search box on Manage Decorated Products page, i have 1000s of products, and trying to find products to edit takes forever.


B 2 B Affiliate Sites/Corporate Gift Campaign

There needs to be a Business to Business affiliate site option, or a corporate employee "Gift Campaign" site.  

I have discovered that my corporate clients like the convenience of a website for their employees, but don't want the prices listed and don't want the hastle of gift certificates. 

As it is now we configure their product with a single dollar amount and offer a coupon for checkout, but it's clunky and the employees are aprehensive when confronted with having to enter their personal info, especially considering that the checkout screen refers to it as "Billing Info".

At a minimum, allow for greater custom configuration with the checkout registration fields, or better still, the ability to define what fields to display or remove on each site.  Along with the ability to edit page titles such as "Billing Info" to "Contact Info"



By Barry Carter on 01 November 2016Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Campaign Usernames/Domains

Allow re-use of campaign usernames and domains after campaigns finishe so people can use their charity or business names for each campaign they run.


Affiliate Store Fees at Affiliate Level and with Flat Amount + %

1. Ability to set affiliate store fees at the affiliate level or gloablly

2. Option to to set affiliate fee as a flat amount + a percentage. (i.e PayPal stander processing fees are 2.9% plus 2,9%)

Because affiliate fees are not set up to except this format, I am spending a lot of time manually setting pre-decorated product pricing.

By NICOLE DORR on 12 August 2016Affiliate store ideas Submitted