Ability to Control Pricing on Individual Items within Affiliate Stores

***Let's GET BEHIND THIS ONE FOLKS as the last post three years ago didnt get traction***

Wouldn't it be GREAT to have the ability to control prices on individual wholesale items for Affiliate/Campaign stores as needed where the general % or $ markup/commission rate amounts don't do the trick?


I began using this powerful software and did my price tables to suit my main DTG print-on-demand business as any newbie would do, right? I had previous customers and been providing them products at a certain rate before purchasing this software. These customers then created affiliate stores specific to their market but geared towards "decorated products" more so than offering "design your own products". This created a PROBLEM as I could not just change the "commision rate" along with "mark up rate" to reflect their price as it couldnt get close by factoring in the wholesale price and the DTG tables that I initially created for my business. This resulted in me having to change my base apparel costs, which in turn created problems with my main print-on-demand pricing after making the changes. The general % and/or $ affiliate store/campaign option is a great start to get most products close to the price you want but other product pricing is drastically off and therefore cannot sell.  

Proposed Solution:

Allow the DecoNetwork customer the ability to have more control of their affiliate stores/campaigns by allowing us to begin with a general % or $ commision/markup and then have the ability to overide a specific item that is drastically off by filling in the desired WHOLESALE PRICE we want it to be in that specific affiliate store or campaign. This simple change (with minor code writing : ) ) would drastically improve our HEALTH by having a lot LESS STRESS and allow us full freedom to negotiate pricing with big customers as needed because DecoNetwork will give us the CONFIDENCE to make up any number we want that will get us the deal rather than trying to figure out how we will get the wholesale pricing to match what they want and loose out because the DecoNetwork System DOES NOT allow it. If you make this happen, DecoNetwork can feel even better about themselves knowing they just increased the life expectancy of some stressed out decorator trying to make a buck. 

Thank you all for your time and vote yes!!

By Christopher Linnel on 31 May 2019Affiliate store ideas Submitted