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Option to disable rush orders in affiliate stores

When we run most affiliate stores most of the time we collect all the orders and set an end date and print them all at the end. Some customers have been choosing to rush these items and we have no way to disable that function. PLLLLEEEEAAAAASEEEE work on this idea we cannot rush items for just a few pieces when we price it out to all be done at the end. Thanks!

By JON LORTZ on 20 September 2019 Submitted


Shop Admin says:

Appears you might have a pricing issue rather than an rush order issue. I assume you'll collecting the money the time the customer place the order and not once production is completed, correct? So naturaly customers would expext to be delivered once order has been payed, right? Are you refferring to campaigns or affiliate stores? You're able to decide: - if customers can adjust expected delivery date - set up rush order fees - amend production time as per product / process
By Shop Admin on 24 September 2019


No, our pricing is correct for our affiliate store. We have no problems with our main website as we allow rush orders. When we do affiliate stores we work with the organization that we create the site for and run the store for a agreed upon time frame and then produce the orders all at the end. We do not want to allow customers to select the rush option as we do not print the orders individually.
By JON LORTZ on 02 October 2019