Inventory Availability for Affiliate Stores' Pre-Decorated Products

We have some stores where we know we sell the same things every year so we print a few dozen before the season starts. It would be much easier if we could keep track of inventory of those printed products in DecoNetwork instead keeping up another system.

I think it would be great if we could add inventory levels to pre-decorated products. Make it a setting that only the fulfillment center can access - like the Permissions section. I could do it in the FC's Products section since I've had to make each store their own blank products for the pricing to be correct, but in some stores I use the same blank product for multiple decorated products.

This would help us keep track of our inventory using the system that sells it for us. Give us the same options as with the blank products - Out of Stock Behavior and Low Inventory Alerts. I'm sure at least SOME other members sell pre-printed goods, and not just us!

By Kristine Hamaty on 07 December 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted