Maintain Group Settings by Hierarchy for New Affiliates

It would be helpful if we had the choice to make new affiliate signups follow that of the top level of the hierarchy group. I have certain products I sell on SiteA and different products on SiteB, configured with group settings. Currently when a new affiliate signs up under either of those Sites, we can only choose 1 or the other that a new signup group lands under. If SiteZ, who came from SiteB but accidentally signs up under SiteA, then SiteZ automatically inherits all group settings/products and cannot be changed by the affiliates.

By Andrew on 01 March 2015Affiliate store ideas Submitted


Kristine Hamaty says:

I would like to add that only the site you sign up under should be the extension domain available. I'm having one site for school stores, another for print campaigns or individual's stores, etc. The school stores shouldn't have the ability to sign up with the other extensions.
By Kristine Hamaty on 13 March 2018
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