Commission, make it easier!

The Commission system is too difficult to understand and it's hard to show commissions to affliates. I vote for better commission reports as well as Administrator abilities, we should be able to set when the comission clears, edit if there is a problem with a particular order etc. 

By cindy on 03 April 2015Affiliate store ideas Submitted


Matt Edmonds says:

To me the solution is simple. Allow the admin to type in the amounts actually paid when they are paid and they are deducted from the amount owed. Really simple.
By Matt Edmonds on 03 April 2015

Greg Pentland says:

Matt , deco already has this. When viewing an affiliate store go to settings -> website settings > commissions. Here you can click record external payment which allows you record payments that are linked to orders.
By Greg Pentland on 15 July 2015
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