Adding Products to Multiple Categories

It would be very helpful if we could add decorated products to multiple categories.  Right now you have to clone a product if you want it to be in 2 or more categories.  This is not ideal especially if you are working with thousands of decorated products that need to appear in 2 or more categories.

By Jeremy Litchfield on 04 November 2015Affiliate store ideas Submitted


Richard Mattinson says:

Especially useful when we need to create individual landing pages for different themes etc (eg fathers day & xmas) for seo purposes
By Richard Mattinson on 22 November 2015

Angel S Chavez says:

I think this feature is longer overdue. I would like to see this implemented soon. Inksoft has a very strong category and subcategory system. For my business this is a must otherwise how can I sell.
By Angel S Chavez on 05 January 2016

LogoWear Pros says:

i want to show Regular prices over vendor's sale price
By LogoWear Pros on 11 April 2018
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