B 2 B Affiliate Sites/Corporate Gift Campaign

There needs to be a Business to Business affiliate site option, or a corporate employee "Gift Campaign" site.  

I have discovered that my corporate clients like the convenience of a website for their employees, but don't want the prices listed and don't want the hastle of gift certificates. 

As it is now we configure their product with a single dollar amount and offer a coupon for checkout, but it's clunky and the employees are aprehensive when confronted with having to enter their personal info, especially considering that the checkout screen refers to it as "Billing Info".

At a minimum, allow for greater custom configuration with the checkout registration fields, or better still, the ability to define what fields to display or remove on each site.  Along with the ability to edit page titles such as "Billing Info" to "Contact Info"



By Barry Carter on 01 November 2016Affiliate store ideas Submitted