Affiliate Page within a webstore

Addition of "affiliate page" option (as part of your main site) as an alternative to the affiliate website.

There's a number of reasons,

1/ I want that traffic through my site, not a small (often single page) site - I want direct links to the rest of my site!

2/ It's then in my interest to promote, SEO, metatag that page & have a link from my store

3/ We've never found an affiliate who ever wanted to do anything with a stand alone site. All they wanted was a link to a page they could use off their own site or a page they could embed within their site

The page would operate as per the stand alone site, commissions would be enabled on sales from the page - I also think it should be if the design is used if the design is enabled for "allow customers to use"!

There would need be an option for over ride bulk discounts required to preserve margins & commissions etc 

By Richard Mattinson on 24 November 2016Affiliate store ideas Submitted