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This point I'm raising to be honest i find hard to understand from a service software industry and the care you have taken on many area's of detail you seem to have forgotten the most important part, THE CUSTOMER ! When building there website or they build there own on your platform they need to have the confidence that all there hard work will be well rewarded and such away where at the end of each week, month they feel a sense of achievement, so when getting there commissions they feel that what they have created either on there own or by us building a site for them there hard work has paid off and now they are reaping the rewards. This could be done in such a simple way by ticking each order placed which will present them with a factual page of information but presented by us to them in a professional manner. This is not the case, the system you have developed is pretty poor , frustrating and from an end user point of view looks and lacks good development, for me this transaction should be there golden ticket every week/month might be extra money, might be everything as a business to them, if you can't pay commission's in this way then you start to fail, mistakes happen and the end user thinks these people don't know what there doing !!
We should be able to create a commissions page which is simple, let them redeem back if they want, let them transfer, do what they want with there commissions, instead we are relying on a system which is flawed, not great at all, even paypal mass pay doesn't work in the uk !!
If you are to expect people like us to better the system then you need to complete the whole package, not the parts at the front but the main part which is look after the customers you have who are generating your sales, i'm, sure you no what i mean when i say this.

Your business model is excellent in how you are tackling problems i will admit and i do think you do listen so i hope when you read this you understand why this area frustrates me as much as it does, we are very driven by customer detail, this really let's down the journey and to be honest it also make's the automated system fail as you need to print things off make sure nothing was accidentally deleted etc etc etc.

CUSTOMERS ARE KING - let's not forget this, please look at this and take the time to get it right, it matters, not a get around fix like we are having to do, i good commission report allowing the customer to do as they wish by transfer, redeem or save is what we should be offering, not a excel sheet full of errors due to easy made mistakes.

By mike barlow on 30 June 2017Affiliate store ideas Submitted


Corey Hyde says:

Fulfillment centers need more control over commissions period. I don't understand why we can't tie the commissions due to the balance owed on the very account the affiliate used to set up the store. That way if the affiliates incur an expense it can be billed to their account, balances can be transfered in or out of that account as needed. Store fee, re-tagging, add on services, or any number of possible reasons why we might need to charge back the affiliate for something. They also could handle their own returns by being able to charge a replacement shirt to their account for example. (Don't get me started on returns and commissions). There definitely needs to be a couple options for affiliate payments, payoneer and bank transfer would be good.
By Corey Hyde on 15 August 2017
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