More Control Cloning Sites / Columns / Themes

DecoNetwork's version 8 is simply incredible in many ways, especially when it comes to designing a page on a website, but it would be helpful if we had the ability to clone pages, save a column as a panel, and a website as a theme. 

1. The ability to Clone a page has obvious benefits when it comes to having content consistently laid out the same way across multiple pages. 

2. We can clone a column, but being able to save a column as a panel, would allow an affiliate to copy only a section of content from one page and paste it onto another. 

3. We can currently clone an affiliate site / make it a website template, but it would be nice if we could somehow save a website as a Theme, that other fulfillment centers could use.  If a website could be saved as a theme (DecoNetwork would most likely have to approve of the Theme), it would allow fulfillment centers and their affiliates' websites to look more polished from the start, easier to configure, and many other advantages. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 June 2018Affiliate store ideas Submitted