Full Stripe.com integration including Pay Outs for Affiliate stores.

Have not long ago integrated Stripe.com as my main payment gateway along with PayPal Express checkout.  So far been very impressed.  (Apart from their lag time with depositing funds), however their fees here in Australia are proving to be slightly lower than PayPal and give a smoother checkout experience for my customers, however the integration with deconetwork is very basic and Stripe.com offer a great deal with integration.  Is there any chance DecoNetwork will look full integration, including an API for immediate payment to Affiliates.  I know there has been a couple of other threads previously about stripe, and really think it is worth looking into for their ease of use for both merchants and customers.  Check out https://stripe.com/blog/send-payouts-with-stripe





By Mick on 10 September 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted


Sara says:

Similar idea here::: http://deconetwork.com/support/ideas/general/36-better-strip-integration
By Sara on 11 September 2014
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