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Email Control

I am an affiliate store owner so I don't have access to the business hub, only the store controls.
Recently one of my main opposition signed on to my email list so every time I sent a marketing email I was telling my opposition what I was doing and there was no way to delete them from my email list.
To successfully market as an affiliate I need control of this list, and not only because of the above scenario. I am sure there will come a time when one of my customers wants to be removed from this list and rather than spam them I would like to be able to comply.
Another point is, what if I was to set up a marketing campaign through a social media site such as Facebook where people were invited to leave their email to receive a newsletter. I have no way of manually adding them.
A little more control, please!


Allow Multiple Designs on Pre-Decorated Products

When creating a pre-decorated product within an affiliate store that has three shirt colors, but each color of shirt has a slight design variation because of the shirt color. Instead of having to create three different products, when the customer clicks on a different shirt color the design associated to the shirt color will show up.


Hide Delivery Period on Shipping Options

Some of our affilliate stores do batch production, which means we collect all of our orders at the end of a purchasing period and screen print them all at one time. But in the checkout process, the delivery options display the text "Allow for (x) days." I would like the option to turn off or get rid of this text as it would not be accurate across the entire purchasing period. 

I spoke with a technical support team member the other day about this option, they agreed it would be beneficial, so here is an official posting of the need for this change.

Thank you!

By Power Grafx, Inc. on 10 April 2015Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Commission, make it easier!

The Commission system is too difficult to understand and it's hard to show commissions to affliates. I vote for better commission reports as well as Administrator abilities, we should be able to set when the comission clears, edit if there is a problem with a particular order etc. 


Individual Store Affiliate Transaction Fees

It would be nice to have the ability to customize the Affilaite Transaction Fee for each store. There are some stores where we don't want to charge a transaction fee and others that we do not and at the moment we have no way of declaring who gets hit with a fee and who does not. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 02 April 2015Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Maintain Group Settings by Hierarchy for New Affiliates

It would be helpful if we had the choice to make new affiliate signups follow that of the top level of the hierarchy group. I have certain products I sell on SiteA and different products on SiteB, configured with group settings. Currently when a new affiliate signs up under either of those Sites, we can only choose 1 or the other that a new signup group lands under. If SiteZ, who came from SiteB but accidentally signs up under SiteA, then SiteZ automatically inherits all group settings/products and cannot be changed by the affiliates.


Separate logins for affiliate / parent store

At present, if a customer creates an account for an affiliate store, Deco automatically allows that user to login to the Deco customer's primary website account using the same credentials. We would like to see Deco offer the ability to disconnect this relationship for various security reasons.

By Mark Holland on 26 February 2015Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Store-specific payment gateway

I would like to have the ability to assign payment gateways at the store level. This would greatly enhance the fulfillment center owner's niche marketing capabilities by allowing us to launch branded stores to highly targeted niche markets while maintaining the niche store's branding throughout the purchase and billing process.

For instance, if I were selling shirts to summer camps, I would probably attract more customers if I marketed the line with a relevant name (i.e. than I would with a more generic parent company name (i.e. At present, we can launch these niche stores but are forced to bill the niche store's customer under the generic parent company name's payment gateway.

By Mark Holland on 09 January 2015Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Inventory Availability for Affiliate Stores' Pre-Decorated Products

We have some stores where we know we sell the same things every year so we print a few dozen before the season starts. It would be much easier if we could keep track of inventory of those printed products in DecoNetwork instead keeping up another system.

I think it would be great if we could add inventory levels to pre-decorated products. Make it a setting that only the fulfillment center can access - like the Permissions section. I could do it in the FC's Products section since I've had to make each store their own blank products for the pricing to be correct, but in some stores I use the same blank product for multiple decorated products.

This would help us keep track of our inventory using the system that sells it for us. Give us the same options as with the blank products - Out of Stock Behavior and Low Inventory Alerts. I'm sure at least SOME other members sell pre-printed goods, and not just us!

By Kristine Hamaty on 07 December 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Non-decoratable Products Directly into "Decorated Products" Section on Affiliate Sites

Currently, Non-decoratable Products go into the "create" category on a website, eventhough there isn't a way to bring them into the designer.

I'm creating quite a few products that will have personalization options using "custom fields" and not use the designer (i.e. laser engraved ornaments and Christmas themed items). I don't want to create a decoration area on these items because they won't use decorations from the designer. It's not really a blank product either so neither place makes sense.

By Kristine Hamaty on 30 November 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Chargeable Custom Fields

We have been debating the idea of using custom fields to give our customers more options for their products. One of the main issues we are looking at is dealing with adding names and numbers. This works perfectly with custom fields since not only do they not have to be required like normal text but they also will show up at the checkout level in the cart so customers can see all the way through that they are getting what they typed in. The issue being we woudln't be able to charge them extra for doing so.

It could also be useful for other features like do you want gift wrapping +X dollars with checkbox fields and such other great ways to build on custom fields


True White Label

I would like the ability to remove all the Deconetwork logos, even in the back end of my affiliates. My customers (who do not own printing equipment) do not need to know who we use for our platform. It doesn't benifit deconetwork to advertise to my customers who do not have the means to use the deco platform without printing equipment. 


Header Color Scheme

Its great that we can now change easily change the color scheme of an affiliate website, but there are a few places on the site that we should be able to change the colors, but currently cannot. The biggest place is the header of the website. The hub template is the best and most often used store template, but is bland for a lot of people. By simply giving the header a color the entire site becomes more colorful. 

It would be nice to have the header color scheme be an option when customizing the colors of a website. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 October 2014Affiliate store ideas Implemented!

Blog Page Widget

It would be nice if affiliate websites had a Blog Page widget for SEO purposes. Blogging and creating unique content has a lot of SEO value and a blog widget/application would make storing the content easy and organized. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 20 October 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Individual Site Testing/Live Status

I feel like there should be an option for individual sites to get Test/Live Status instead of all stores at once. We have over 50+ stores which open and close during various periods and it would be nice to be able to keep some in test mode while we do approvals or decoration/pricing without having to worry if customers start placing orders while we test. 




Decorated Products Folder Shows Subcategory

Currently affilaites can create decorated designs and put them in folders and subfolders. The problem is if a product is withn a subfolder there is no option of having it automatically be displayed in its main folder as well. Products within a subfolder should have the option of being displayed in both the subfolder and main folder at the same time. 

By ZACH DEWHURST on 22 September 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Quick Edit Decorated Product Variables

It would be nice if it was possible to have several designs/decorated products update all at once for a new affiliate. Fulfillment centers can currently create website templates, but the variables within the template then must be edited.  For example, schools make great affiliates, but putting together school spirit designs is a tedious processes. Within our school website template we have around 40 different designs for school spirit, sports teams, and other groups for the school. It would be nice if the designs would automatically update with the school's name, mascot, and other variable information through a "Mass Decorated Product Wizard" that would allow all of the designs to be updated based on their variables, instead of having to go into each design and manually change all of the variables. 


By ZACH DEWHURST on 22 September 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Full integration including Pay Outs for Affiliate stores.

Have not long ago integrated as my main payment gateway along with PayPal Express checkout.  So far been very impressed.  (Apart from their lag time with depositing funds), however their fees here in Australia are proving to be slightly lower than PayPal and give a smoother checkout experience for my customers, however the integration with deconetwork is very basic and offer a great deal with integration.  Is there any chance DecoNetwork will look full integration, including an API for immediate payment to Affiliates.  I know there has been a couple of other threads previously about stripe, and really think it is worth looking into for their ease of use for both merchants and customers.  Check out






Coupons that come out of Affiliate commissions

We desperately need to have the ability for affiliates to create their own coupons. This obviously needs to come from the affiliate commissions as they are the ones creating them. The inability to offer this makes the current coupon system useless.

By Matt Edmonds on 01 September 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Limit Decoration Processes for Affiliates

I would like the ability to limit decoration processes for my affiliate store. Often times I will have a client design a whole webstore of predecorated products using the screen print process not realizing that the min quantity is 6. I would like to limit most of my "brand" affiliates, who most of the time sell one-offs, to DTG only.