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Coupons that come out of Affiliate commissions

We desperately need to have the ability for affiliates to create their own coupons. This obviously needs to come from the affiliate commissions as they are the ones creating them. The inability to offer this makes the current coupon system useless.

By Matt Edmonds on 01 September 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted

Limit Decoration Processes for Affiliates

I would like the ability to limit decoration processes for my affiliate store. Often times I will have a client design a whole webstore of predecorated products using the screen print process not realizing that the min quantity is 6. I would like to limit most of my "brand" affiliates, who most of the time sell one-offs, to DTG only. 


Step by Step Training Video For Affiliates

I have many new affiliates that sign-up, create a basic store based around the default template and then nothing! I think a step-by-step video just for new affiliates would be a big help in getting them to build their store and add products. 


Affiliate site monthley charge

I would like to have the option to charge affiliate stores on a monthley basis. Not saying I would charge everyone, However I do have some affiliates that keep matarials and pre decorated Items at my shop.  As their fulfillment center, not just their print fulfillment center, I would like the ability to charge each store independently. I currently do it offline but It would be much nicer if it could be intergrated into the deco system. 




Affiliate pages

Time to get rid of separate affiliate domains & transfer them to affiliate pages within your own store.

The benefits for SEO / visitor numbers & combined transaction levels data in Google alone makes this one a must if you really want your website to stand out in the ecommerce world

By Richard Mattinson on 25 August 2014Affiliate store ideas Submitted