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Save Credit Card Numbers to allow automatic billing.

We have quite a few customers (mostly companies) who reguarly place orders and want automatic credit card billing.  We need two features for this to work correctly:

1. We need a form that we can send the customer for them to sign/approve recurring billing
We are currently having to use Adobe Sign to have them sign an  authorization form and then have to manualy look it up and enter it for every order. 

2. We need Deconetwork to have the ability to store the credit card numbers by customer on their account. Ideally the customers would have to enter it them self when they are sent the approval form.

We would get better transaction rates on processing if customers are entering the cards themselvs istead of staff members.

*This feature should be optional because it will require operators to annually certify for PCI compliance in the US.

By Martin Burkholder on 15 August 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Upload from .ESA (Wilcom Embroidery Fonts)

We have different reworked font for Embroidery.
The fonts are made with Wilcom Embroidery Studio and the file extension is ESA.

By Sabine Freiwang-Klug on 15 August 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Add the Order Description Field to the invoice/quote/P.O.s etc

In many cases, It is very hard for customers and sometimes production (if you are still using a paper trail) to distinguish which order is which without the "order description" field showing up on any of the printable paper trails.  So many times schools complain to me that there is no way to tell what each of their Invoices are for.  Is it for the track team or the wrestling team or the football team?  Because, currently, we cannot create account holders (schools) with subaccounts (individual coaches for each sport) I have to use a generic school account for every order.  They only way to distinguish them from one another is to label the order in the "Order description" field and it does not show up on any printable or downloaded documents that i can tell.  This seems like a very easy fix and it would do worlds of good.

Also, it would be great to add the salesman: field to all printable and downloadable invoices/quotes 

By Wes Barker on 14 August 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

[screen print] Different Minimums According to Number of Colors

We should be able to scale our minimums according to how many colors are in the design. 

For example, I was 12 piece minimums, but for 1 color designs only. For any design 3+ colors maybe I want the minimum to be 36 pieces. 

By Justin Rodriguez on 05 August 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Apply Coupon in Business Hub

Coupon availability should be handled like other availabilities in Deco.

Business Hub Order Screen should include a row/drop down to select from available coupons to apply, in the Subtotal are below the shipping row.

By NICOLE DORR on 29 July 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Ability to change Business Hub column layout

It would be nice to be able to sort/adjust the order of the Columns or Fields in the different screens in the Business Hub.

As an example: Right now, the Order screen shows the Order # in the first column, but I would like to see the Order Date in the first column and Order # in the second.

By Justin Meriwether on 29 July 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Cosolidated Purchase Orders & Inventory Pull Information

Inventory is a great tool to automate the process of tracking items On Hand with Items Needed.  

Problems: No Consolidated View Available for Items to Be Ordered and Items Pulled From Inventory

If I am using the systme correctly, there is no consolidated view of how product procurement is being handled for individual or group orders.   The current process has limited visibility into by requiring 2 separate screens/documents to be viewed to get a complete picture of order procurement.  This makes veiwing/managing ordering product from suppliers versus pulling inventory on-hand challenging.  

  1. To Be Ordered: PO
  2. From Inventory: Inventory Pull Sheet


1. Please revise the PO system to show the following in the PO:

  • Total Items Ordered by Customers
  • Total Items Pulled from Inventory
  • Total Items to Order
  • Total Items to Allocate to Stock

2. Add Order Procurment Button in the following areas

  • Order Production View
  • Overview
  • Production
  • Order Procurement Button will show a summary of how items are being sourced and included Items to Be Ordered and Items Pulled from Inventory

The Inventory Pull Sheet as a stand alone item is still important for the physical inventory pull.  

By NICOLE DORR on 26 July 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Delayed production Warning

Orders in production that haven't been marked as done by the suggested production time should auto highlight (say in red) & the system should warn you that you're having a service level failure............ (yes I'm having a bad day with late orders) ginning w/ smiling eyes

By Richard Mattinson on 22 July 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Facebook Pixel - please track ALL standard events

Can you please get the Facebook Pixel to track ALL standard events, not just PageView and Purchase?


By Niki Merrett on 17 July 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Automated card reader

You need to have your shopping card linked to an external card reader so I can have it in a kiosk environment - otherwise you lose a massive area for potential

See here


This company ahs intergrations with loads of shopping carts - but not your system...



Purchase Order Back order Overview Tab

I would like to see a seperate tab in purchase orders that lists "all" of the items on back orders with suppliers, and be able to add expected delivery dates. Rather than opening each purchase order line. this should be available for sales to view, also a direct contact email about this item would be great.

Please Vote

By Daren Wright on 04 July 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Ability to Export ALL Customer Date - especially Total Order Value

Please add the ability to export all customer data, especially Total Order Value and Number of Orders.

At the moment all you get is the customer contact details.

By Niki Merrett on 03 July 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Ability to show store in Abandoned quote overview

It would be great if you could configure what you see in the Abandoned Cart overview screen - I would like to be able to see the store without having to click into each one.

By Niki Merrett on 27 June 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Internal notes at customer level to show at order/production level

I think it would be helpful if internal notes created at customer level would automatically show up at order/production level.

For example print notes regarding sizing, image placement etc or even if the customer has any other specific requirements.


By Niki Merrett on 27 June 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Enquiry only products

As Deco has natural limitations with complex bundles & packages products an ability to set certain products as "enquire about this package" would be a fantastic feature.


Make it so there's no pricing on the product but instead we get to produce a suitable landing page to display the product package for sale so potential customers can find & see it on the web.


As well as the workwear bundles (rquested elsewhere) this would give us the ability to market team kits far better than is currently possible

By Richard Mattinson on 24 June 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Volume discounts Vs SKU

there's a problem with volume discounts against SKU codes - you can't apply them in real terms (£) the same way you can versus single price


This is a huge failing in pricing online..............


Please fix so the quantity discount comes off SKU pricing the same way it works on single pricing

By Richard Mattinson on 13 June 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Service Fee

I would like to see an option to add a "service fee" to the checkout on stores built for customers. This service fee would help cover admin fees that are not neccisaryly included in the products being sold. This function should automatically be added to the order when the customer checkouts similar to the way ticketmaster charges a convenience fee. The option for a flat fee or percentage of the total order would be good. This would help with other requests for a reimbursement of the CC processing charges paypal and other companies charge.

By Rich Barona on 04 June 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Downloaded Orders Column in Production

When an old quote has been approved and paid for it can go back into earlier pages of production and can often get missed if we don't go through every page to make sure every order has been downloaded.

It would be really helpful if instead of having a download symbol next to the order it could be it's own column so we could just select all the orders that haven't been downloaded instead of going through every page. 


By Bianca Botter on 22 May 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Quotes to Orders

Can we have a new tab in business hub called APPROVED QUOTES, these are quotes that have been approved but NO payment has been made or invoice raised, currently these approved quotes go straight to orders, which skews the monthly sales figures when reporting.  It would be much cleaner tyo have them seperate and when payment is made or an invoice is raised they then convert to ORDERS.   

By marino tribuzio on 21 May 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted

Assign a Customer to a Sales Member

It would be great to be able to assign a customer to a sales team member.  Currently you assign a sales member to an order and not a customer, so when a customer places future orders you have to go back and look up who handled that customer and assign it to them again.  My team lands their own customers and if their customer buys something online there is no way to keep up with who sold them on it.

By nathan randall on 20 May 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted