PayPal & Credit Card Fee Addition Functional

I don't know about you, but every PayPal transaction through my webstores cost me 2.6% + 30cents.

Deconetwork needs a function to add this fee automatically at checkout if the customer is using my Merchant Service PayPal.

The fee will need to be clearly visiable at checkout so the customer can choose between PayPal with a surcharge or EFT Bank deposit without a fee.

Let's get behind this and stop losing money on sales.

Regards Brendon



By HOLYSHIRT on 07 May 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted


Richard Mattinson says:

Not sure about all world but can't be a global system as it's illegal to charge a surcharge in UK (and probably whole of Europe)
By Richard Mattinson on 08 May 2019

Shop Admin says:

I agree to Richard and only can advise Brendon to rethink his pricing policy as this is the only reason he's "loosing money on sales" Adding surcharge will have him start loosing customers. @Holyshirt: You have already submitted this idea to be found at: "https://www.deconetwork.com/ideas/store-front/917-credit-card-fees-add-surcharge-fee" since 29-Aug-18. Please keep this page clean and don't re-submit ideas which have been posted already - especially as they are violating current legislation. Thx
By Shop Admin on 28 June 2019
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