Assign a Customer to a Sales Member

It would be great to be able to assign a customer to a sales team member.  Currently you assign a sales member to an order and not a customer, so when a customer places future orders you have to go back and look up who handled that customer and assign it to them again.  My team lands their own customers and if their customer buys something online there is no way to keep up with who sold them on it.

By nathan randall on 20 May 2019Business Hub ideas Implemented!


Greg Pentland says:

In this scenario, would it automatically assign the sales member per order from that customer... then everything else in Deco behaves as it does now..? Cheers, Greg
By Greg Pentland on 22 May 2019

Lloyd Rees says:

I'd say yes to that Greg
By Lloyd Rees on 16 June 2019
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