Volume discounts Vs SKU

there's a problem with volume discounts against SKU codes - you can't apply them in real terms (£) the same way you can versus single price


This is a huge failing in pricing online..............


Please fix so the quantity discount comes off SKU pricing the same way it works on single pricing

By Richard Mattinson on 13 June 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted


Greg Pentland says:

Hi, Could u explain this one a little more. Do you mean price breakdowns like you can do in single price..? As volume discounts apply against sku prices fine ( to my understanding).. Greg
By Greg Pentland on 17 June 2019

Richard Mattinson says:

Yes price breakdowns that work by "fixed" sums rather than by % same as the single priced method
By Richard Mattinson on 19 June 2019
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