Ability to Export ALL Customer Date - especially Total Order Value

Please add the ability to export all customer data, especially Total Order Value and Number of Orders.

At the moment all you get is the customer contact details.

By Niki Merrett on 03 July 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted


Aaron Montgomery says:

Seems odd that a software company can't let you export data that is key to running a successful business. I honestly thought I was just missing it when I asked: "Is it possible to download a list of customers from the system that would include Total Order Value, Number of Orders, Date Added and discount?" To my surprise, I got "Unfortunately, there is not, but I would recommend adding that into our ideas forum, as it's been requested before and I'd love to see it added to the existing CSV." Yikes! It is all right there as it shows up on the customer list, but we can't export that? I do love all the blog post ideas I get from my interactions though.
By Aaron Montgomery on 16 July 2019

Greg Pentland says:

You can export customer data from within Business Hub and it does show total order value and number of orders. Go to Business Hub -> Customers and you will see a link to export customer data.
By Greg Pentland on 04 November 2019
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