Sales Tax Automation via Alavara API

Can we please integrate a syatem that automates the complex needs for the ever changing sales taxes we need to charge.  There are SO many different rules depending on country, state, county, zipcode and even multiple rates within a 5 digit zipcode for each jurisdiction.  This is impossible to setup in deco leaving us technically uncompliant with the tax laws.  There are API fully customizable solutions like Alavara.com that will take care of all of this automatically based off of the persons address and they will even collect and pay these taxes per month or quarter for you.  This is a must have for a good system that deals with transactions like Deco does as the tax laws are not going to get any easier in the future but instead just more complex to comply to.  Even if it was an added fee to use the integrated Alavara it would be well worth it.

By Kerry Eldstrom on 18 October 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted


D D says:

Yes Please add this
By D D on 03 January 2020
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