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Sales Tax Automation via Alavara API

Can we please integrate a syatem that automates the complex needs for the ever changing sales taxes we need to charge.  There are SO many different rules depending on country, state, county, zipcode and even multiple rates within a 5 digit zipcode for each jurisdiction.  This is impossible to setup in deco leaving us technically uncompliant with the tax laws.  There are API fully customizable solutions like Alavara.com that will take care of all of this automatically based off of the persons address and they will even collect and pay these taxes per month or quarter for you.  This is a must have for a good system that deals with transactions like Deco does as the tax laws are not going to get any easier in the future but instead just more complex to comply to.  Even if it was an added fee to use the integrated Alavara it would be well worth it.

By Kerry Eldstrom on 18 October 2019 Submitted


D D says:

Yes Please add this
By D D on 03 January 2020

Frank Olivio says:

This is what's holding us back from becoming an Enterprise DecoNetwork Subscriber. We use Vertex on our current website and in QuickBooks. They offer the same service Alavara does (mentioned in the original post). I agree with the Kerry (the original poster) that using an API from an established provider is the quickest way to get this implemented. Basically, the API is installed and Deco sends the address with Zip+4 (USA) and the API returns the taxes calculated to the exact address. The US sales tax was turned on its proverbial head by a poorly constructed Supreme Court finding against Wayfair (an online retailer). Effectively, negating a ruling in 1992 that required sales tax only need be applied to sales within the same state as the vendor. Now it's based on the exact address location of the Ship To address. A nightmare... Every taxing authority in the country (hundreds, maybe thousands) now has jurisdiction, taxing authority, and even enforcement on companies outside of their borders. It's so convoluted, there are taxing authorities in some states that are no more the 2 city blocks. What does this mean to Deco's implementation of a sales tax API? Simply put, the amount of time and effort required to setup and maintain a system like can only be justified by scale. In other words, a company would have to build, maintain, and provide is as a service to hundreds to thousands in order to justify the expense. So we have Vertex, Alavara, TaxJar, TaxCloud, etc. Most have plugins for WooCommerce and other WordPress carts, but most also have API integration for those who work outside of the WordPress EcoSystem. Bottom-line: I vote with a resounding YES! The US needs this now, but as soon as the rest of the world governments figure out that this is a giant free money scheme they'll come knocking on the Internet vendors' doors.
By Frank Olivio on 29 April 2020