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Have special products or charges for special customers

We do contract printing for certain customers. We have special pricing for them only(piece pricing and other changes). And we have other customers that special products that we only do for them. I would like to be able to have products and or charges to pick from for only that customer. And have it so they can do it them self if they wanted to order online.

By Greg Teresi on 03 January 2020 Submitted



May be too generic, but you could set a standard discount in their account.
By NICOLE DORR on 24 February 2020

Austin says:

I have a better workaround that has worked for us. You could make a new product group for them under admin>products>product groups then enable catalog products. Make them a custom site and go to websites>"site">administration>permissions>product groups. There you can disable or enable any product groups that you want. Under websites>"site">store configuration>customer options you can check the box that says they have to be logged in to view the site.
By Austin on 26 February 2020