Tracking information connected to the customer

Currently I have not been able to find a way to get to an order's tracking information without going into the shipping tab.  I would love it if the tracking informaiton was connected to the order and could be seen on the order.  This would allow you to look under the customer or the order for the tracking number instead of just the shipping tab.  As it is, if the customer does not have their number, I have to look up the customer, find the number and then go into the shipping tab to locate the tracking information.  I would also love it if under the shipping tab, there was a date or time stamp showing when the order was shipped. 

By CLARK LEAKE on 29 September 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted


Adam says:

if you click 'view as customer' when you're viewing an order in the hub you can grab the tracking from that window. Agreed though that it should be more obvious/prominent
By Adam on 29 September 2014

Sara says:

Thanks, Adam.
By Sara on 30 September 2014


Thanks Adam!
By CLARK LEAKE on 01 October 2014
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