Addition multiple blank products

OK, the world is a more sophisticated place than it was yesterday, or the day before that, or the...... (you get the idea!)

People want easy! They want things put in front of them, practically spoon fed ........... People want visual gratification, instantly, not to have to go looking for it! What's the stat? Less than 1% of web queries get past the first page? We need to get our products on our own first page!


So why does the current deco system only allow us to put one category of products in front of a customer? They want it all! We want to supply ity all! lets go for it! cool

Take this example: https://shopat.secure-decoration.com/page/bar-catering 

It's our page aimed specifically at the catering & hospitality game, but it covers just about EVERY market sector ........

Now I know there's a lot to do on that page, but consider this:

I want options in front of the customer (and as I said, they want to see options!) So on this page I want the following categories:

1/ hospitality shirts & blouses (as shown)

2/ Aprons

3/ Chefs clothing

4/ hospitality wear


there will be others ........... wink

So my suggestion is that we incorporate multiple blank product options, On this one I'd have 4 lines of products, 3 of each to whett the appetite with the "more" button as current



By Richard Mattinson on 13 October 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted