Net product price on the quote screen missing

Customer called me to get a quote on 100 t-shirts with 2 color print. I started a quote screen while customer is on the phone, enetred the t-shirt and his design so now I see unit price and a discount 7.5% and then a grand total. Where is the NET PRICE of the product. He doesnt want to hear that the price is $8.00 minus 7.5% discount. he wants the net price. I had to pull out a calculator to give him the net price which is preety dumb. However, I noticed that the customer does see a net price on the quote that was emailed to him. So why not make the same number visible to me on my screen. Even I as a salesmen would like to see what is the final price I am charging them for the product before I email them a quote.


By Mozi on 21 October 2014Business Hub ideas Implemented!


Greg Pentland says:

This idea has been accepted and will be available in 7.0.15.
By Greg Pentland on 06 July 2015
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