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Not sure if this counts as a "feature" exactly but how about a 24/7 custom support system via phone or live chat? I know there used to be a tab for that but there was never anyone on the other end, it was always leave a message.  I almost rather see something like this work than see a brand new awesome feature.  Sometimes waiting 24 hours is too long to get some immediate support.  

By Justin Rodriguez on 26 October 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted


Nick Jordan says:

I used to see a chat box on the DecoNetwork main page for support and sales. I used the support one many times, always got a quick reply from someone and got the problem sorted out right away. That since has disappeared and there's only a sales chat there, which is depressing :( I'd love to see the support chat come back.
By Nick Jordan on 04 November 2014
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