remove balance due from production sheet

I noticed that when I print production sheet for customers with terms, it shows balance due on the top in a big square box.  production sheet goes to my printer who does not need to know how much I am charging for a job  I should have an option to hide that from displaying.  This is an easy fix and should be considered in the next release

By Mozi on 01 November 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted


Barry Carter says:

Amen. and remove it from the invoice as well. Nothing worse than receiving a bill with a big read stamp declaring BALANCE DUE!! that's how the message is received. Horrible platform default.
By Barry Carter on 03 November 2014

Adam says:

you can edit both of the templates for those (production and invoice) to remove that info if you want
By Adam on 29 December 2014

Mozi says:

You can actually do this yourself you need to install the addon "email and order templates" then just modify the home file to remove the text "balance due"
By Mozi on 28 January 2015
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