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I have 5 "my design" pages when I upload a design to a product, What a pain to flip thru to the last page to find a file I just uploaded. or select the wrong one.. I would like to be able to delete the old images that I don't use or slightly changed and maybe organize them... This should be a simple feature added to my design stock page... What does the deco family think?

By Dean Carson on 06 November 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted


Kevin says:

I agree, i'm up to 12 pages on mine, and i have to use it frequently since 70% of the time my store logos dont show up under the store logo section. It would be really nice feature
By Kevin on 07 November 2014

Greg Pentland says:

You do have control now form within Business Hub to delete designs from the customers section , this includes your own "my designs".
By Greg Pentland on 06 September 2015
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