Company Accounts with multiple linked customers

We really need an easy way to link people from the same company together! 

We have multiple contacts within some companies, shared designs, accounts etc. 

Would be great when you can add multiple customers to 1 company / account since we are dealing with bigger company's with different sales people who are doing business with us. So when a email is being sent that an order is produced can be sent to not 1 but more email addresses so the corresponding sales member to that certain production order is notified directly instead that he needs to hear that from the contact person who is attached to the business hub customer account.

Would it be possible to make provision for adding more than one email address when adding a customer to the system as many of our clients have multiple email addresses?

By Richard Mattinson on 09 December 2016Business Hub ideas Implemented!



This is sooooo important. I have many accounts with multiple customers who place orders. It is difficult to track all of them the way things are set up now.
By NICOLE DORR on 05 February 2017

Joshua Mills says:

This is my biggest issue, Schools and business have many contacts. Our old system would allow you to select a customer, than apply a contact to that order. An invoice could be sent to the customer, and also accounts payable.
By Joshua Mills on 09 February 2017

Robert Mastriano says:

This feature is a must moving forward. We deal with schools that have multiple people in each department ordering that need access to order history. Inksoft has this feature available and I would hate to have to switch to that software because of it. Please add this feature ASAP....
By Robert Mastriano on 14 May 2017

Campbell Fleming says:

Totally agree. Needs a Bill Payer (accounts) field so when generating statements, it goes to the right person.
By Campbell Fleming on 31 May 2017

Cristofer Cruz says:

There were three ideas requesting the same functionality. I've merged these into one and updated the total unique votes here.
By Cristofer Cruz on 25 August 2018

Brian Schneider says:

We really really need this implemented as soon as possible. It’s difficult to keep track of how much business something like a school does because each department essentially becomes its own customer so you send the emails to them and not to the account person whenever a note or notification about an order has happened. This is probably my chief complaint with DecoNetwork.
By Brian Schneider on 12 October 2018

Greg Pentland says:

Implemented in 8.5!!!
By Greg Pentland on 20 June 2019
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