File attachments in notes/communication

Deco seems like a great place to centralize communication around ordersĀ - we'd love for the production staff to be able to add an image to their notes/communication - same thing for customers. Please add the ability to add a file attachement. you don't need to make it render/preview (though bonus points for that)..

By Joseph on 29 August 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted


Sara says:

It's possible to add file attachments to an order / line item now but I'm not sure where they show up.
By Sara on 01 September 2014

Greg Pentland says:

File attachments for line items can appear for production or/ and customer. You have a tickbox to say who can see the attachment.
By Greg Pentland on 08 September 2014

Greg Pentland says:

Looking at adding this one to 8.010 :) Cheers, Greg
By Greg Pentland on 20 January 2019
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