Production Item > RE-Order on Next PO

Trying to implement the live ordering from SanMar with our production manager today and going through hypotheticals to see how the system reacts

One scenario we found not to be so smooth is when an item gets damaged in production, there is no way to add that item (against the same order again) to the next PO.

If we want to reorder the item is is counted against 'stock' and would have to be manually adjusted to remove it from the inventory

ALSO it would be neat to be able to jump from the production view for an item OR the order view for an item to the PO where it was ordered (you can jump from the PO to view the item in production OR the order it is associated with, but not in reverse)

By Adam on 02 September 2014Business Hub ideas Implemented!


Carl Schenkenberger says:

Definitely! Please make this happen.
By Carl Schenkenberger on 03 September 2014

Greg Pentland says:

Hi, We are looking at adding an option to record waste which will add it to the next PO. I can already jump from the production or order to the PO it was created within, when viewing an order , click the production tab , then click within the PO column. It will list the PO number(s) the line item has been created on.
By Greg Pentland on 19 October 2015
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