Embroidery hoops

Unfortunately, over 3 years after it was agreed to have some ring fenced development time for the flaws in embroidery procedures it's been noted that there's nothing in for development on the system............ furious

So lets get the embroidery side of Deco fixed so it actually replicates the real world!!


First thing is to correct the issue where all decoration areas are rectangular (great in 1990 not so much use now!) - the addition of circular hooping systems as standard needs addressed.

There's no good reason why these cannot use the actual embroidery area, not just the circle, as that information is supplied by many machine manufacturers now we're all on touch screen...


The initial thread from the forum can be seen at https://www.deconetwork.com/forums/embroidery/4733-available-hoops-in-deco  

By Richard Mattinson on 28 August 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted