Pull from Inventory - Optional

We recently started putting our stock levels for items in and have noticed that it is automatically pulling items from our stock and not creating a purchase order, so no one knows these items need to be pulled as they already show as "recieved". We need some way to know what is actually ordered and if someone needs to pull from stock. Giving us the option to create a purchase order from stock is necessary to be able to use the inventory feature on Deco.

By Dan Barnes on 17 January 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted


Greg Pentland says:

Hi Guys, We are looking at adding an optional stock pull screen. This will display all the automatic stock reservations made by orders , however you can adjust them through this screen.. ie confirm stock pull , send to po instead, or mark as pulled form non tracked stock. This page will allow you to generate a pull report, then recieve the stock. Hearing more and more requests for this one so upping priority.. Feel free to add feedback here if you think we are missing anything. Cheers, Greg
By Greg Pentland on 17 January 2019


Please also see Cosolidated Purchase Orders & Inventory Pull Information Idea. It is similar. Tx!
By NICOLE DORR on 26 July 2019


Greg: The option you are describing above sounds great. I frequently choose not to pull from inventory if it will decrease my shipping cost (i.e. many distributors offer discounted shipping options by volume).
By NICOLE DORR on 26 July 2019
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