Add shipping notes

It would be great to be able to add notes to the shipping section in the business hub. We have an option for 3rd party account and it would be nice to add in the shipping number right there. Also if it is blind shipping or other notes...

By Timothy Pipp on 25 March 2019Business Hub ideas Submitted


Greg Pentland says:

To clarify , do you mean internal notes seen by your staff..? Cheers, Greg
By Greg Pentland on 25 March 2019

Timothy Pipp says:

Not necessarily just internal notes. I have a 3rd party shipping option for contract customers or people who want to use their UPS account. It would be nice to have the option to add a note in shipping with the customers shipping number. Another thing is we deliver some stuff. Would be nice to add a note - maybe address or different contact person or something like that. It could be added in the shipping set up almost like a custom field. In the set up you could select add notes box to each shipping method. So for us we would add it for delivery, 3rd party shipping and possibly if we have sales reps deliver.
By Timothy Pipp on 27 June 2019
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