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Record Waste Report

It would be great to have a report that tracks the Record Waste function please.

By Niki Merrett on 30 May 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Canadian Catalogue Pricing Adjustments


Adrian here. Your newest converted (from Insoft) DecoNetwork user, located in busy Toronto Canada. smiling

Very excited about what i've been seeing in the last couple days of clicking throught our new backend. thumbs up

Looking for some REAL suppot over here in Canada though. 

DecoNetwork provides alot more pricing adujstment features and catalogue intigration with suppliers in the USA. But over here in Canada, we are limited to only intigrating with SANMAR Canadas catalogue at some predefined piece pricing number. No capabability to adjust this catalogue piece price if SANMAR Canada has offered us a better customer rate??? Not even a dozens or case price???

We use many other major suppliers over here in Toronto, Canada (Alphabroder Canada, Technosport canada) but are limited to only selecting products at pre set price points, without having to spend hours of our time manually imputting our actual blank cost + a manual markup, then manually adjusting all our generated purchase orders. Or copying products from Alphabroder America and manualy adjusting info on every product tab to make sense to Canadian shoppers. 

Was def not expecting to have to do all this manual data entry with DecoNetwork, especially as a converter.

Hope the actual "Canadian" catalogue price input field can be an easy DecoNetwork development addition in the near future.

Adrian, signing offalert

...back to work at my new data entry job.


By Adrian D'Ornellas on 24 May 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted


Any chance that custom field assignments can be set at the store level instead of at the product level only?  Most of my stores sell the same products but with different customization requirements.  For example, tee shirts, we print their respective departments, or their instructor titles on the back - as an optional selection.  I had to create at least 6 different instances of the same tee each with different customization options.  This holds true for maybe 20 -30 other items as well.


Improve Decorated Product Categories

I agree that multiple categories per decorated product is necessary.

What would be great in the meantime is to be able to select a checkbox next to the Decorated Product name, and move all to a category. Or drag them in.

At the moment you have to do them one at a time by selecting the category dropdown which is super time consuming.

The Blank Products have this function, can we please have it applied to Decorated Products too?

By Niki Merrett on 09 May 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

multi item campaign

The single item campaign does not allow us to compete, we have competitors that offer multi-item campaigns.

I am not sure how to attach an image to this request.



By Shelly Barton on 08 May 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Product Code

Product code does not track with the Product Name. I find that when I search on a product and find one I like I can not identify which product it is easily. Is there a way to add the Product Code so that it tracks with the Product name?

Take a look at trouble call (Product Code not showing with Product Name – 53799) for more detail if needed.

By Peter Graham on 02 May 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Delete / archive rejected artwork

We have a couple of very early artwork rejections on the system (we can't be the only ones?) & there's no way to get them out of the artwork approvals apart from by marking them as accepted which will confuse the hell out of customers.................

Can we have a fix please?

By Richard Mattinson on 01 May 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

New Payment Gateways

The world is changing & we need a wider range of card processing gateways than is currently available.............


Please add required gateways in comments and give it a vote!

By Richard Mattinson on 28 April 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

District Tax

It would be a great help if all of the different district taxes were able to be loaded and then applied based on shipping location. Or at least be able to change them in business hub. The problem we are having is the California rate is locked at 7.25% and then we have to add Sacramento which is another .50%. So the majority of our sales fall into this 7.75% but the problem is when we take sales for another district there is no way to easily change that. We do not want to under collect! So we would like to be able to select different districts from business hub to quickly change out the correct tax.


Turn Product Colors off / On by print process

With DTG printing we try and print only 100% cotton garments but when it comes to blanks, some styles offer 100% cotton garments but also list blends. It would be great to turn off the blends for DTG printing, but then also keep active for other methods like screen printing. 


Weight limits in carriage methods

Allow maximum weight in a carriage method (eg UK Royal Mail 2KG) then have system auto select the next available carriage method


If we have a 20KG consigmment it's not going on royal mail it's going on a 2-3 day courier - the system should be able to work that!

By Richard Mattinson on 16 April 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Carriage price weight increase

Add £ per Kilo option in carriage methods (same process as £ per 100 stitches) - couriers charge by weight & having an unlimited number of price breaks isn't ideal! 

By Richard Mattinson on 16 April 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Clearly defined BILLING section header in BH Checkout

Need clearly defined BILLING vs SHIPPING section headers during checkout steps after proof approval in Business Hub (see rendering forsuggested update attached). 

This is standard industry practice, and would help avoid the recurring issue of customers entering their shipping information into the dubiously labeled "required field" section which leads to declined CC authorization (due to AVS mismatch) and/or redundant emails from customers requesting updating/correcting the billing/shipping details.

For more information you can reference ticket #52849.




Cleanly Display Unavailable Shipping Methods in Checkout

I'd like an option to display live shipping methods even if they are unavailable for the address entered.  My thought process is, someone enters the wrong zip code and doesn't realize it.  They see no live shipping options and have no idea why.

I think a collapsed section would make the most sense.  Unavailable options:  and then a list.  If ALL options from UPS are unavailable it doesn't have to list each method, just show that UPS options are unavailable for their address, etc. 

Another way to do it would be to add a checkbox for each live method that says 'always display, even if unavailable'  So I could choose UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail to show but be grayed out when unavailable. 


Attach file to add note for customer

It would be useful to be able to attach correspondence to a job in business hub.


EG Customer emails list of names to be applied to items in an order, If the record can be kept together with the deco order then it makes retrieval a lot easier if it's required later

By Richard Mattinson on 09 April 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Responsive Business HUB

Could it be possible to make business hub responsive or have its own app? It would be a killer duo with new resposive sites. To be able to manage/ mock/ quote/ invoice orders through an app system would be awesome. I would even be open to contributing some money to this project.


Promotional products

Promotional products like
This company have feeds updated 2 times a day with products, price and stock

PF Concept is Europe’s largest supplier of promotional products. We offer thousands of promotional items and an extensive range of apparel to satisfy every marketing requirement. From crowd-pleasing giveaways to impressive high-end gifts. From generic design to globally recognized brands and everything in-between. All ready to be customized with your name and message.

We can add manualy but we have no options to add diffrent print techniques like 

pad printing,
laser engraving 
And moore 

By Daniel Listerud on 06 April 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted

Overview Enhancement

DN Team,

As a manager my favorite place on DN is Overview page. However there is a lot of improvement that you guys can make to make it even better and more informative so I don't have to jump around different screens to get information I need. Replace "check marks" and "X" with useful data

Under payment box show Terms
Under Ordered column show "PO numbers"
Under received column show date received
Under artwork column show approval date
Under Produced column show date produced
Under shipped column show shipping method

Next to item description add "Style Number"
Apply "Order due Display setting" in overview.



Include order status in API conditions

Since order status is not a field that can be searched on in the API. We need to make thousands of needless queries based on time elapsed since last query. It would be much more efficient to query on status < 3 ( new not shipped) . As it is now I have to query every N minutes and search on "all orders since now minus N" . then filter out the shipped. 

That's a fair amount of load retrieving shipped orders I already know are shipped. (since another function in my API is to mark update their status to shipped) 

By Larry Sainte-Marie on 29 March 2018Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Commission for Sales Reps!!

We need to have the ability for sales reps to earn a commission on bulk orders customly inputted into the business hub. % of gross profit would be ideal I think. I can't believe this hasn't already been implemented. Please consider this!

By Hunter Strine on 23 March 2018Business Hub ideas Submitted