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Maintenance Mode or Design Staging Feature

Should have the ability to replace site with 'coming soon/down for maintenance' type page with a lead capture mechanism on it (email sign up or something)


Have the ability to enter 'development mode' or something like that where you can make changes to html/css/website page content and preview them on the site while the live site stays the same. Scheduled updates would be neat too. Like promotion changes/rollout new site graphics.


Add additional notifications to production process.

The issue I see is that my orders sit in Production for a while, A customer does not see any change in the process when they order until production is complete. I feel that there should be a notifying step before "production complete" like "processing order".

By Dean Carson on 29 August 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted

Production Assignment Rules

We have a few distinct production processes and I would like a way to 'auto-assign' certain types of products to certain production team members. The way we have to do this now is clunky and dumb.


Pre-Define Colors as either White, Light or Dark

I would like the option to determine that all of a specific color is either White, Light or Dark. This could be a dedicated page where we are given a list of all the colors (or default colors) available and set it as being white, light or dark, at which case, all of the products colors and prices would be adjusted and reflected correctly.

By Caesar Rubio on 27 August 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted

Completely Wipe Orders from Business Hub

I would like the option to completely delete quotes and orders from business hub. This would mean that it is wiped from business hub and won't ever appear again. This would also mean that we'd need to re-enter it again.

It should only be executed by those who have admin rights. On the other side, account users that just have rights for sales obviously wouldn't be able to do that.

One of the reasons is because I created test orders during the testing phase and due to going live, I don't need the test orders within my business hub. The problem is that I can't delete them permanently and I should be able to. There is an option to delete the order when it's active but after you do that, you should be able to delete permanently from business hub as well.

Maybe a option under the customer's order should be "Completely Delete from Business Hub" with the description "This will permently remove the order from business hub. You will no longer see this order being displayed again. If you need to reactivate the order, you'll need to recreate the order from scratch."

By Caesar Rubio on 27 August 2014Business Hub ideas Submitted

Option to change "tick"

I don't know why this bugs me haha, but I would like to be able to change every instance of "tick" to "click or check". I know both are correct but I can't stand seeing "tick"  


Related Products | Auto Reciprocate

Seems pretty unnecessary to have to open BOTH products to make them 'related' 

Should also apply to decorated products


Account Balance + Credit

From here:


'Widgetized' Page Designer

We would like the ability to duplicate page sections (ie Categories of Decorated Products, Blank Products or Designs) 

Also, the ability to have more that one content area would be great


Customer Notes.

Right now, if you leave your customer a note via business hub, the note is available to read in the history/notes area. Often times my production staff does not see these notes because they are not going to be looking at each individual order, rather they are looking at the production sheet which does not include these notes. 

I would like any notes pertaining to the order to be printed out with the production sheet as well as visiable on the production area of business hub. 


Custom Order Statuses

Allow for custom order status with custom e-mails. There should be internal ones as well as those visible to the customer. 

By Nabil Ahmed Khatri on 25 August 2014Business Hub ideas Implemented!

Artist royalties

Artists can be paid royalties or markups for their art without needing their own store.  


Proofing and approvals

Add a step for artwork proofing and approvals to the hub. 

How I envision this working:

Orders go into a proofing queue like the digitizing queue (optional).  In my workflow I download the order artwork files from deco, do any manipulation needed to get them ready for production, also make a rendering of how the item will appear (since this is laser engraving), and export that as a png.  Then I send them the png for their approval or to ask for changes or approval.  

With deco, we could upload the png to their order (order attachments could be part of this) and have it email the customer about a proof being ready.  Have a place for comments, and buttons to Approve or Request Changes.  If approved it moves into the production queue.  Otherwise it stays in proofing queue and notifies us of changes requested.

If there is no response to the email after X days it should automatically send another message.

Bonus: If the customer requests too many proofs it could warn them that an additional charge is required to receive more proofs.