Shipping Partner Integration

Our only option for shipping integration right now is to export a CSV file.  It would be great if there was API/XML access offered to make things more automatic.  

Integration with GoShippo.com or Shipworks would be a start.

By Sara on 14 September 2014General ideas Submitted


Kristine Hamaty says:

I would love integration with Stamps.com - I'll have to look into GoShippo.com and Shipworks, though.
By Kristine Hamaty on 15 September 2014

Bill Ryan says:

Ready Shipper is another option.
By Bill Ryan on 15 September 2014

Larry Sainte-Marie says:

Shipstation.com please
By Larry Sainte-Marie on 17 September 2014

Luther Veuleman says:

STAMPS.com APP!!!!!!
By Luther Veuleman on 01 October 2014

Charles says:

SHIPSTATION PLEASE! That would be incredible
By Charles on 31 October 2014

Tony Rallis says:

ready shipper
By Tony Rallis on 25 August 2016
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