Extra Options: Smart Select & Default Catalog Price Markup

I was going through the Smart Select (in the Products) and would like to use it with the Default Catalog Price Markup (in the Settings) but I notice that the SanMar prices are already marked up from cost and some of the other catalogs are not marked up.  When I created an 50% or 100% markup in the Default Catalog Price Markup the SanMar products was listing/charging way more than what I wanted and if I set the markup to 0% to correct this then the other catalogs was listed at my cost (below what I wanted to sell)

Is there a way that we can have an option for each supplier (catalog) to have different DC? Also maybe have an option for the Smart Select to be active/used in selected Stores and the Business Hub this way I can activate it and don't have to go through each store and make each product that I don't want to sell unavailable (unselected) in the products area of each store.  This way I can use the Smart Select with multi catalogs (Suppliers) and use the Default Catalog Price Markup with different markup % value for each catalog (Suppliers) in the Business Hub and the stores with the correct pricing marked up.

By Greg Kwiecien on 21 September 2014General ideas Submitted